Is Filing Past Year Taxes Still Possible?

When a new tax season starts, people tend to forget about the old one, often to their peril. See, millions of American’s still last year’s taxes (or the year before or the year before) think about,. Sometimes it’s because they still have a valid extension, sometimes it’s because they forget and now they want to deal with it even less, and sometimes it’s because they weren’t aware they were eligible to file taxes. It’s the last one that the IRS will really use to get you.

Fortunately, filing past year taxes is possible at any time of the year. Even more fortunately, most people who file back taxes find out they’re eligible for a refund! The important thing is to file taxes before that refund gets garnished by fines. Here’s our back taxes advice Continue reading “Is Filing Past Year Taxes Still Possible?”

Why You Should File Past Years Taxes Online (Instead of Wasting Money and Time)

Many of us have people in our lives (usually parents or grandparents) who still do taxes the old fashioned way. They get forms the library and then sit for hours upon hours crunching receipts and struggling with forms. Some of us know people who give up and just hand everything to a CPA (certified public accountant) or tax preparer and hope they sort it out. But then there are people who know that not only is it easier to file your tax returns online, you can even do it years after they were due!

But you might ask: given the complexity of back taxes, why should you file past years taxes online instead of going to a CPA or tax preparer?
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