Is It Too Late To File My Past Tax Returns?

The answer is no, not at all!

If you’re the average American taxpayer, statistics show that you’re likely to miss a filing deadline at some point in your life. Most likely, its due to work, vacation, or financial financial reasons. But if it happens to you, (and if it’s happened this year) the first thing you need to do is stop panicking. It’s never too late to deal with past tax returns–you just have to file it!

So what do you do when you realize you have some past tax returns?
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Remove the Debt of Past Years Taxes–And Even Earn Money!

Debt hurts all of us. The longer we let it hang there, the more damage it does to our credit, to our lives, and to our stress levels. Fortunately, while the road to getting out of debt can be long, the process can be easy–if you plan for it. Here are 3 ways that your past years taxes can help you move out of debt and even earn you money!

  • By filing your past years taxes. If you haven’t filed some of your tax returns, you should stop reading this and do that immediately. Lacking tax records is one of the biggest ways that people accumulate poor interest rates and poor credit scores and it is easily, easily fixed. In fact, many people who have failed to file their back taxes are actually owed a refund! By letting those old taxes linger unfiled, you’re only hurting yourself.
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3 Reasons to Keep Past Taxes: The Key To Your Financial Future

What’s more likely to get you a good loan rate? The amount of money you have available to you right then or documents showing what a solid non-risk you are financially? If you answered the former, well, I have some bad news for you. As much as money on the table helps (and it does help) the fact is, the bank or lending isn’t going to be lending to you just that day. They are lending to you over time. They want you to show them that, over time, you’re hardly a risk at all. One of the best ways to prove that? Your past taxes.

Yes, it’s true. Your past taxes can be incredibly valuable beyond the refund they gave you. Here are 3 ways:
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What Are Past Taxes and Why Should I Care?

The problem with the way tax law is written is that it’s far, far too confusing. The nice thing about e-filing services is that the cut through that mess and help you get the biggest refund for the most money (and time) invested. But as good as they are, they can’t answer every question.

In fact, one of the most common ones I get asked is: just what are past taxes anyways?
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Why Past Tax Records Important–And How They Can Save You Money!

Every year, millions Americans literally throw out hundreds–potentially thousands–of dollars. This is because every year during spring cleaning, people toss out their past tax records. These records can be worth their weight in gold.

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Will My Past Tax Return Save Me Money?

There are a few financial documents everyone should have in their home. A copy of their lease (or mortgage). A pay stub. Credit card bills. Investment documents. And the last few years of past tax returns. In fact, with that last item, you don’t even need some of the first ones. That’s because your old tax returns are among the most valuable financial documents you have. They can even save you up to 20% on loans!

Why is that? What makes a past tax return so important?
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